December 6, 2010

Potty Training...and other such needs

So...Potty Training Sophie is like potty training a fly. The kids pee's standing up..yes I said it...Standing up. It is really hard to potty train someone when you can't even tell if they are peeing or not. lol I am constantly watching her butt for little dribbles. when I want to give up I remember that my mom did it. I also remember that potty training in other countries happens much younger than Sophie....So we can do it too!

I'll get back to you on

Now..for all you women out there. I found the solution to PMS!

I have been having severe PMS lately and I remembered something I took while pregnant with Sophie. This all natural supplement has many uses for women in all areas of their life. It can be used to soften the cervix which helps with labor (it worked for me). It can help with menopausal symptoms. Yet, (the important one) is that it helps with PMS. As someone who supports all natural healing this definitely helps with cramps and the crazziness we feel during and before our period. It is suggested to take one daily with water up until you ovulate than stop and start again when you start your period.

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