December 28, 2010

Sinus Infection

Poor Sophie. She has not been eating all day and had a bad cough so we finally decided to take her to the After Hours Clinic. Turns out she has a sinus and throat infection. Dr. put her on some antibiotics. I do not like seeing her sick and she is generally a very healthy baby. I just had to rock her too sleep as she seemed soo miserable. Hope the humidifier will help her. Hate when there is nothing I can do as a parent but wait and hope they feel better.

On another note this rain has been making me angry as I want to go on a walk. With Sophie sick I can obviously not go, which means I am stuck in the house even onger than I want. This is what I dislike about my town. There are not too many indoor activity places you can take your child. I have been trying to convince Jared to move to Olympia so we could do more things. One thing we are thinking about doing anyways is Kindercare Musik Class. Its a music class that lasts about two months were babies can leanr some music skills.

Oh 2011 you can not come any faster :)

So many happy things await us

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