January 20, 2011

Anatomy & Physiology...

...is hard!
But I still have a B and 2 weeks left to hopefully accomplish my A

Things have definitely been getting a little boring over here. There is only so many forts, snacks, and stories I can read before Sophie and I are aware of our boredom. I know most of my family and friends will be shocked to hear this but....I miss summer! I miss being able to take Sophie outside without fear of her becoming totally covered in mud or catching a cold. I want to go to the lake or go camping. Now last year was a funny experience. My family and I went camping and it was Sophie's very first time camping ever. It was miserable. All I have to say is that I am thankful we only lived 30 minutes away from our home. She refused to sleep in a tent. She screamed bloody murder until we took her home. It was a nightmare. Funny enough, I am willing to give it another shot this year. Speaking of Sophie she is getting SO big. She knows so many words and uses them 24/7. Jared and I are getting a little sad knowing that she is becoming a big girl and no longer "Our Baby".

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