January 10, 2011

and I'm feeling good...

Doesn't everyone watch that new Jennifer Hudson commercial and immediately feel super sexy? Well I do lol

Life is regaining conciouseness in the Swehosky household and I feel as if I can finally breathe again. For those that might be aware of what happened....know that I am alright...better yet amazing. I have a way of looking on the bright side of everything even if it looks crappy momentarily. For those that are not aware please sway your mind from wondering as it wont do you any good. I am moving on and I do NOT wish to talk about it.

So... In 1 month and 1 day I will become Mrs. Swehosky. Let me tell you..it's been a long time comin. I am so excited and I can honestly say for BOTH of us that our fairy tale day will be appearing soon.  We have lots to look forward to. Next week we will be visiting Jared's brother who is getting ready to be deployed to Japan. I am looking forward to his mom's lasagna as it is honestly to die for. The following week Jared is going on his annual snowboard trip for his good friends birthdays and I know he is super stoked about that. The next couple weeks following will be spent hastingly preparing a wedding. After wedding day we are going to Leavenworth for some skiiing and etc. Than I start my internship for school and a whole new lifestyle change. It is going to be very exciting over here at the Swehosky family's household.

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