September 24, 2012

I am nervous... start school.

Since becoming a young mother I have done all of my schooling online so that I can be home with my babies. Recently, I have decided that the only way to accomplish my dream profession is by going to an on-campus school haha! The only one out there for my profession is in Portland, so not only will I be going to an on-campus school but I will be driving a crap ton of hours. Lately, I have been coming up with all of these excuses to not go and Jared sat me down and explained that I will regret this in the future. I just keep reminding myself that it is only 2 days a week and the girls will be okay. When it comes down to it I just know that being a Lactation Consultant is my dream job. I plan to not get "too" antsy because I do know that things come up BUT I will keep hoping and going along with the process. If everything goes well I should be done in a year and a half and then I can sit for the IBCLC exam <3 p="p"> 

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