September 12, 2012

UPDATE: on Dr. Bronners

Turns out I wasn't using it right...haha
I guess you cant use normal conditioner with either need to use their conditioning rinse or something like vinegar (like no-poo method). So..I gave it a try last night and it worked!! I used the vinegar though. I plan on trying their conditioning rinse next I really hate the smell of vinegar.

Here are some updates on Sophie & Violet <3 p="p">
Can sit unsupported
Can crawl the right way now
Is attempting to pull herself up on things
screams all day
Sleeps from 7-7
Takes two 2 hour naps a day
Eats three meals a day
Does baby led weaning at dinner time
Nurses about 6-7X a day
Smiles and giggles SO much
A very happy baby <3 p="p">
Knows SOOOOO many words
Loves to play in her sandbox
Loves going on evening walks in the double stroller with sissy
LOVES her sister
Is getting better at eating her vegetables :)
Starts preschool next week!

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